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Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Leavin On A Jet Plane, I Know When I'll Be Back Again!

Well folks it's about that time again! I will be leaving the Antarctic Region once again! But I'll be back again for another season! I am so excited to see colors, have smells burst through my nose, sounds of human activity! It's funny that when you first come down here that you get this wonderful sense of quiet and solitude, but as the time goes on and you really almost forget what it is like to be up into the world of civilization! The thought of a baby crying or a dog barking seems almost otherworldly. The lack of sensation has reached a level that will come flowing into me like waves in the ocean!! Especially when I am in the ocean! I am really excited to see many new places and try many new things, one of them will be hitchhiking extensively! My roommate down here has been across the world doin it and has never had any problems so I know that I can do it as well!! It should quite the experience. Also, I will be using a new system of accomodation, couches! The same roommate who hitches also uses this online network of couchsurfers, hosts and surfers join each other around the world in this attempt to create a more warming community of humans! Basically, I just get online pick a city and a list pops up with profiles and pics of couches and other odds and ends! I already have a few lined up! The site is called couchsurfing.com I encourage ya'll to check it out and see for yourself how cool it is! Anyways, time to go eat my last cafeteria dinner! I will be continuing this blog around the world so keep in touch as well if you want to, the email address is almost the same as the blog, ninerdedhed@yahoo.com Be well everyone and I hope to see as many of you as I can soon enough!!!

Saturday, February 10, 2007

goin down the road feelin good!!!

Alright folks it’s go time! We are getting to the end; I can see it in sight. I leave on the 22nd of Feb, but alas I am sad for I have had a great season!! Most recently I was given the opportunity to go to the South Pole, that’s right I was at the most southern point on the planet earth!!! It was really an amazing experience! I felt very lucky to be selected. The funny thing about the whole situation is that about two weeks ago the other almost Seth Turer (Turner), remember the crazy coincidence, well on the flight manifest that they post for people to see it had my name on it and I started to really go crazy, jumpin up and down, huggin people all crazy, so my friend asked me “you didn’t know about this? You had not checked your email?” And of course I went straight to check my email and of course there was nothing about the trip to the South Pole. So of course I went and asked the passenger services rep and she checked in the computer and she looked at me with a frown and then I knew, “Stupid other Seth Turner”, haha, no I was so happy for him but I was pretty bummed out, then a couple of weeks later they put my name on the manifest and that’s when I knew it was for real!!! Yeahhhhhhhh! It’s pretty funny cause last year I sent my teddy down with a friend who was the baker sent to go help them down there and he took pics and I laughed cause my bear got to go but not me so, this year I took JB (JerrBear, my teddy) with me and we had a blast, froze our rear ends off!!! It was an interesting environment as you can see by the pics!!

The next big thing was that the ice blew out this season, it had not in the last few cause of the huge iceberg that was the size of Rhode Island in front of the Ross Sea entrance!!! Anyhoo, the iceberg blew out and now the ice can blow out to sea, and it did!! So, we were able to see open water and best of all, whales!! I was able to see some Minke whales and a couple of Orca’s (Killer Whales). It was a sight to see! (The pic’s are of Minke’s) The last few weeks have been a great way to end the season!! But alas it is that time only a couple more!! Last night we had a great almost sunset, you know cause it never really does, it was just the sun going very low and mixed with some cloud work, made for a pretty cool sight to see!!!

Well when I get off the ice as you know I plan on traveling round the world, so if you know anybody in Australia, South East Asia, Europe, and Israel let me know and I can visit them for you!! That is if ya’ll think I’m a good representative! Oh well, time to go now, I have to give a massage to someone, I have been using the massage table that the official massage therapists use to give back massage’s to friends in need! I think I could have been a masseuse in another life!!! Cheers to all and hopefully I will see you all soon enough! And remember that I’m gonna continue the blog along the road so check into to see the latest! Till the next time!
The pics are of Mt. Terror in "morning" light, whales, airplane ride to Pole, South Pole, sunset