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Wednesday, November 07, 2007


Holy Guacamole, this is crazy, we are stuck in the middle of a herbie, which is a hurricane with snow!! The temps are not absolutly crazy low but are low enough, about -25 below, but the winds are up to about 100-130mph!!!!!!! Just nuts I tell ya, I feel like a kid in the first snow storm of the year but the wind makes it off the rocker!! I have seen some good stuff here but this takes the cake. I really just can't describe how amazing this is!! This for me is the closest I will ever be able to come to know what it was like for Shackelton, Ross and the many other hardened travelers of the old!!! The fact that I am wearing Mountain Hardwear gear and modern day insulation makes it a lot easier to bear, but nonetheless, it is a treat to experience this level of weather, which is truly found only on one place on the planet, Antarctica!!!!!!! There is the pics of the weather forcast on the computer here, pics of the storm coming into the runway, and a video of being right in the middle of it!!!!!!!!


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