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Monday, October 29, 2007

Happy Little Trees!!

So that time of year has come!! That time of course is the moment when everyone sheds their personalities and becomes anyone and everyone, you know what I'm talking about!! Halloween, ah so much fun! Last year if ya'll remember I was Richard Simmons, so once again I had to follow suit with another big costume, it was easy to make and required only a little ingenuity to make it happen!! Of course you know that I always start with the afro but this year required for me to grow more hair in another place, my face!!! Yup, I grew a beard, a pretty big one at that and for the first time ever I really look my father!! Dad, when I looked in the mirror, it was quite scary!! In a good way of course but that whole "you look more like your father every day!" Anyway, it was a fun party but once again no prizes for the costume and again everyone said I did a great job on it and should have won something!! But oh well, its all for the fun anyway!! So here are some of the pics, there is one pic of a friend who did a great job I thought, so also there wintery pics as well as from a very stormy day!!!


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