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Friday, October 12, 2007

Tis a flyin right along!

So the for the most part, the season has been a blast, a few ups and downs but that would be expected. I have joined a writing group, started taking guitar lessons, worked on my painting some more, started doing massage as a buisness, trying to learn Italian again as well as refreshing a bit of Spanish for my trip to South America, and basically just flexed my creative bone to the max!!! It feels great! I know that I have to slow down just a bit so I don't overextend myself but really in the end I know that it will be great for me! The life has just become that, the life, I truly have come to the conclusion that this is my place for now! I will relish it with all my desires, dreams and goals!! There is so much support and help to achieve ones dreams it is awe inspiring! So I set forth on this continued journey with a drive none like I have ever invoked within myself! Lately, I have been dealing with the large amounts of new people, one of the problems with that is I contracted a small form of laringitus/cold, and was sick for the last week, its been a bummer but I just got over it and feel back to normal! Very happy about that one! Well, for now that is what I have, just movin and groovin as they say, who ever they are! But anyways, we had a special evening the other night, we had a nacreous cloud appear, basically that is a cloud with ice crystals in it instead of water vapor, but if the sun reflects off of it it creates a beautiful scene!! So those are the pics for this time, I will have a couple more later but my friend will send those pics later!! Till the next time!


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