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Thursday, December 13, 2007

World Below The Ice

So one of the divers came back from the field and had taken many shots of the world underneath the ice! It is really hard to believe that there is so much underneath the ice. Ross Bay is virtually all covered in ice as far as the eye can see, it goes for about 50 miles right now. It recedes later in the season and will blow away out to see. The divers go out all around the bay to spots that are known to have certain types of life and then there is the random form of life unexpected. These pictures are amazing so much life and so much diversity for such a cold an barren place! There is also pictures of the ice that is semi-frozen, basically the whole bay would be frozen, the water is at 28.8 degrees, but the water is so saline that the salt prevents the sea from freezing. So sometimes the water semi freezes and forms these crystals that are beautiful! So enjoy the underwater world of Antarctica!!! It is quite the amazing place! All is well otherwise. Till the next time!!!


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