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Tuesday, November 27, 2007


Well once again it was holiday time this last weekend!! Gobble gobble, was the sound in the air but of course there were no live turkeys to be found but oh do we love that day where we eat like its the last meal that we will ever have!! It was a good meal but having all the ruckus go on made it hard to sleep before the meal so I was a bit groggy before but the people in my dorm were festive so that helped me wake up!! I was thinking of home during the meal though!! Dads turkey, Moms rolls the meal in general was good but of course not as good as home. That's ok though! It is what it is. Next comes X-mas and that should be another good meal. At least the two days off in a row is a nice break!

As for the other news in my life is the new girl that I have been enjoying my time with. This place down here is hard to identify what is what. Back home if you are dating someone, you will see them here and there, have your dates and enjoy the building of a relationship,but here it is quite different. I work with the person and eat with the person as well as do activities with her outside of work so it is hard to define what the relationship is!! Nonetheless, it is good and we are having a great time together. Amanda has a great smile and is hilarious. We both make each other laugh all the time. We took a hike the other day and the picture is from that! Anyway, time to run and go for a walk by myself!! Hard to get me time here! Ok, till the next time!!


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