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Saturday, August 25, 2007

Back in the saddle!

Yup, tis that time again for me, it was an amazing summer of fun, went here went there went just about everywhere! I covered a lot of ground saw so many places, explored many different cultures, met so many people, made friends all over the place and now I am back home!! As weird as that sounds I am back in the place I can comfortably call home, for now at least! The trip down here to the ice was not so bad I had a little more of a layover\delay then I would have wanted (10hrs) but hey all for the experience right! It was great to see alot of my ice pals again, I felt as if I almost had never left, I came early this year so I hopefully will get to see some Aurora's, have seen the southern stars, which is always special, the Southern Cross, amazing!! Well, I have taken a couple of pics from getting here. Some sunsets\sunrise and the moon over Observation Hill, the light only comes out for five hours a day, pretty weird to have so little amount after being in the endless summer for the last five and having so much light! Anyhoo, bit tired right now and still need to unpack some more since I have worked quite a bit more than normal for the first week, we had an extra amount to deal with cause of the three flights we had to deal with, it was so fun to drive a tractor again!!! Ok ya'll till the next time!