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Monday, December 18, 2006

Mid Season Bluenote!

So it has been quite awhile for the bloggo but life has been here there and everywhere! So first off the life down here has just changed I am currently goin to the night shift and I have begun the shift to the other side of the moon! I still will be able to have my radio show at the same time slot and most of the other events I’ll be able to attend but it will just be my morning that’s all. So for the last few weeks life has been goin about its normal way. I had been really trying to keep my desire for this specific young girl at bay, and I was doing alright with it. She and I had a dinner a while back and I spoke of my desire of wanting to maybe seek a more intimate relationship. She had said that she was not ready and that the boyfriend that she had just broken up with was still in the back of her mind. I told her I understood and was excepting of that and would back off with those desires, we still kept have a good friendship but its still rought at times. On a lighter note here are some pics of two of my bosses, Mt. Erabus kickin some steam, Mt, Terror glacier, Castle Rock in the clouds & the Scott Base pressure ridges in morning light.

Saturday, December 02, 2006

Been Treated

So it has been a week and it has been a long one, it always seems that after a break from work that it becomes a longer week right after going back to work. I hope that everyone had a time for their breaks. Life for the last week has been good we opened a new runway that is in the middle of the ice shelf probably about 4-5 hundred feet thick. When I went to this place I ended up getting their first before any of the other co-workers and I ended up there for about 45 minutes all by myself. It was awesome; the feeling of being alone down here is a rarity. So much of the life here is all including other people so to have those moments alone was quite a treat. I wished I had an Emperor Penguin walk up but it did not! Oh well next time. So when the crew got their we set up the runway and then began putting things together in prep for that evenings flight a C-17, this runway is the other runway that they can land at and the C-130’s do not. The other runway is the Ice runway that I have pictured before. Nonetheless, it all went well and I came back later for the flight. I took a bunch of pics of the plane as well as some of the glaciers that are on the other side of the bay.

I received another treat a couple of days later. I got news that I was a winner in the drawing to see if I was picked to go to the “Pressure Ridges”, they are ridges created by the converging of the sea ice to the ice shelf and the pressure pushes the sea ice up and form these ridges, they are constantly moving as well. Plus, they are off limits to all of the American participants, the Kiwi’s are allowed. However, the Americans and Kiwi’s have agreed to allow 100 people to go through them, so they held this drawing and I won. So I went to the ridges today and it was amazing. I have always wanted to go through them and have thought at times maybe if I just ran other there quickly they would not see me, but of course I never did and just kept a wishin and it was filled today. Here are a few pics hope you might like. Overall all life is good, I have a cut finger so typing sucks otherwise I would do more so hopefully my finger will be better by the next time.