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Saturday, September 08, 2007

Movin right along!

So the first 3 weeks are over and it feels like my body just got off the plane! Kinda hurtin still but it will subside, just the whole not workin for a long time thing! The life down here is great right now, very quiet and relaxing, we only have 348 people on station so meals are quiet and overall just mellow. The other night we went outside and watched the lunar eclipse and we were blessed have auroras at the same time! It was the most amazing celestial event I have ever witnessed! The viewing of two amazing parts of our nights sky was awesome and it was not that cold so we stayed out for two hours! The stars were out in full force too, with the moon eclipsing it was so dark that you could see everything, the milyway was so bright and beautiful! The evening was very special and I felt very lucky to be a witness.

As for the rest of my time so far beyond the night of the eclipse, it has been fun, just a bit hard to eat the same food again and again! After eating so much variety traveling in some of the best places to eat in the world, you get complacent a bit! Then you come back to McMurdo! At least we got smoked salmon for Sunday brunch today! I have been spicing it up a bit by bringing the olive oil that my family in Israel gave to me and boy let me tell you what everyone loves it and wants sooo much of it, so I share as much as I can without using it all up. Thanks again for the oil you guys! Well, I think Im done for today, gonna go read my book and cozy up in bed! Im gonna put a bunch of lunar eclipse pics and the auroras that were going on that night, plus there is a new feature for this site, video so ill put on the video that one of the guys down here put together. Enjoy! Till the next time!